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My Characters :P

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My Characters :P

Post by jess on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:41 pm

Just some of my favorite characters for roleplay...you'll probably see them in quite a few different roleplays. :] You...actually don't need to read this. xD

Name: Katrina (Kat) Willows

Age: 14

Personality: Katrina is a complete tomboy. She loves climbing trees, mountain biking, skateboarding, and hanging out with the guys. With being fun, rough, totally chill, and joking at all times...Kat doesn't have much time to paint her nails, now does she?

Looks: Kat has very dirty blonde hair...almost yellow. (Dirty as in color, not like dirt dirty...she's clean. xD) Very small body (not like, midget, but like...you know. xD) Brown/golden eyes. A small nose. Thin lips. Very athletic. Hair is sort of thin and is always in a pony-tail. Many scars everywhere. Currently has a healing puncture wound on her left leg.

Special Points: Kat, being very small, can fit in small places, run fast, and climb trees more quickly than a cat! No matter what situation, she always has something to laugh about and can cheer others up in a hurry.

Bad Points: Kat is always hurt. With her current wound on her leg, she can't runn fast at all...in fact, she can't even walk without limping. In extreme heat she gets very sick. Her vision blurs, she gets an atrocious migraine, and in worst case scenario: she faints. She also has ADHD, so often she gets ahead of herself, and gets crazy...even in sincere situations.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow.

Book-Bag: Black and red colored book bag. Inside there are two waterbottles (One large, one small), her leftover taco from Taco Bell (xD), a flashlight, the Hunger Games book, bandages, and a lucky rock which was a gift from her best guy friend.


Name: Morgani (Mani) Stephens

Age: 15

Grade: 10th, Sophmore

Overall Personality: Has a strong passion for writing, is a daydreamer, loves designing a story out of everything and anything. Wants to be a famous author and has already written many books, but never published them. Used to be shy and very unpopular, but has grown more and more friendly and popular every year.

Appearance (picture and/or description):

Where you see yourself in the future: Sitting atop a lovely rooftop in Paris, at a porcelain round table with a single rose on it and a glass of water. Curled up in the steel chair next to it with a note book in hand, writing yet another award winning novel. People standing on the grounds, people who have been there for hours, just waiting to get one look at her...and an autograph if they're lucky.


Name: Jadia (Jade) Woodrows
Age: 13
Looks: Jadia has curly, dark brown hair. Beautiful brown eyes. Smooth, soft skin. And is very gorgeous.

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