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THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

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THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:14 am

What If?

A very long time ago, almost 30 years ago, in the small District of
District 12, there was a coal mine.

Miners from all over the place would head to work every day, file
into the elevator, exchange tense nods, and ride slowly down.

They would use their pickaxes to hammer away at the coal for
12 hours on the dot. Sometimes, they would whistle a tune,
which the canary who sat in that coal mine would quickly
whistle back.

One day, a man was whistling a tune whilst picking away at
a chunk of rock, and the canary did not whistle back.

The man who was hard at work next to the whistler,
whistled a tune to the canary, and it still did not whistle back.

This was a bad sign, for when the canary fell silent, it meant
there was going to be an explosion. All of the men
instantly dropped their pick axes, and ran towards the
elevator, packing in as many as they could.

The man was on the first ride up towards the light. Just as he stepped onto
the ground, there was a large boom. The mine had exploded.

Minutes later, his daughter, son, and wife were running towards him, along
with the other miners' wives and children. The four embraced in a tight hug.

They were one of the lucky families. Their loving father and husband had returned
to them.

This man took his son to the woods every day to hunt, and taught his daughter to
collect plants. And, he would, of course, continue whistling every day.

On the 74th annual hunger games' reaping, his daughter's first reaping, the man
told his daughters something.

He would whistle from the crowd just before the lady's name was about to
be called. Before one young lady would be sent to her death. To let his
daughters know they would be safe.

When Effie Trinket arrived, and the reaping did take place, because of
the man who let out a whistle, because the canary who did not sing, because
another man whistled, because the canary did not sing again, because the man
was on the first ride out, and because the man whistled to his daughter
before a slip was snatched—a name was drawn from a butt bowl by a delicate
hand, and the name said

"Primrose Everdeen!"

Now. What if?

Because a canary did not sing, a 12 year old's name was drawn, a 16 year old girl
volunteered, the baker's son was reaped, a spark occurred.

A rebellion happened. The 12 year old died. The Capitol fell.


Somewhere, in the delicate thread of time and space, on that evening in the mines,
that man did not whistle a tune to his canary.

A man did not whistle back to him, the canary did not not whistle to either of them.
It stayed silent, the miners did not care.

When the mine exploded, this man did not get on the first elevator out. He was not
able to take any elevator out.

This man did not whistle during the 74th annual reaping of District 12.

Primrose Everdeen did not get reaped. A spark did not occur. A 12 year old did
not die. A rebellion did not happen. The Capitol did not fall.

The Hunger Games never ended.

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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by Papa Pig on Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:30 am

how do i rp now i cant do you see my problem
Papa Pig
Papa Pig
I guess you're doing okay..
I guess you're doing okay..

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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by Guest on Thu May 02, 2013 8:49 pm

no you idiot you cant rp now because the thread isnt open youre not even supposed to post on here
wow way to ruin it
ill tell you how to rp on a hunger games rp on skype later on k


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Post by Guest on Sun May 05, 2013 2:31 am

T H E _ D I S T R I C T S
Note that I changed what some of their industries are.
Those marked with a * are the careers.

{D I S T R I C T- O N E }
{ L U X U RY- G O O D S}

**Welcome to District One. We
are not only home of the best
tributes, but the most luxury
items in all of Panem. Stunning,
winning, and everything you
can think of. We have it. Long
live the Capitol.

{D I S T R I C T- T W O }
{ W E A P O N R Y }

**Greetings from District Two.
We produce the most vicious,
blood thirsty, most trained tributes.
Or should I say victors. We are
born to win. Some say we are the
Capitol's lapdogs, but they're only

{ D I S T R I C T- T H R E E }
{ E L E C T R O N I C S }

Salutations from District Three!
We take great pride in our high
intelligence and calm manner.
No, we are by no means rich or
well-fed, but we always find a
way out of that. We don't have
many victors, but never mind

{ D I S T R I C T- F O U R }
{ F I S H I N G }

**This is our home, District 4. We
are by far the most attractive in
Panem. All of us are used to the
sea and water, most know how to
swim and throw a trident before
we can even walk. Lots of victors,
lots of beach, lots of seafood. . . .
What's not to love about us?

{ D I S T R I C T- F I V E}
{ S C I E N C E & M U T T S }

Welcome to District 5. We are
often the forgotten District in
Panem. Not many victors, not
many people. . No matter. We
are the second- most intelligent
District, after District 3. Our
scientists make muttations for
the capitol.

{ D I S T R I C T- S I X }
{ M E D I C I N E S}

Greetings from District 6. Our
life isn't as good as the Careers,
but we aren't as poor as District
12 and what not. We don't have
many underfed or sick people,
because we focus on medicines
and doctors.

{ D I S T R I C T- S E V E N}
{ L U M B E R}

Welcome to District 7. Our
folks are usually fierce natured
and strong. We can cut down
trees from day one. Sometimes,
we get in with the Careers, but
we don't have many victors. Not
the smartest District out there,
but we really are tough. We all
have a soft spot for the scent of
pine, however.

{ D I S T R I C T- E I G H T}
{ T E X T I L E S }

This is District 8. We make cloth
and thread for the disgusting
Capitol. We're usually forgotten by
the Capitol.. On purpose. Our
district is usually the one that tries
to start riots, which usually ends
in half of our population getting
wiped out by Peacekeepers. Not
many victors, but we're all a family
and we stick together.

{ D I S T R I C T- N I N E}
{ F A C T O R I E S }

Greetings from District 9. We
can be forgotten sometimes,
which is why a lot of us are hungry.
Not much to say about us except
that we are all neighbors. We
respect everyone, even the Capitol.

{ D I S T R I C T- T E N }
{ L I V E - S T O C K }

Howdy from District 10. We have
what we call hospitality. We all got
enough to eat here, and we never
like to see someone go hungry. All
of us have a bit of 'cowboy' sense in
us, which is a joke to the Capitol.
No matter though. We have a few
victors, nothin' to brag home about.

{ D I S T R I C T - E L E V E N }
{A G R I C U L T U R E}

Hello from District 11. We don't
have many victors, but most of us
are able to take care of ourselves.
We all work in the fields from the
time we can enroll in school. Know
our edible plants, where to find them.
We're usually overlooked by the
Capitol and sponsors.

{ D I S T R I C T - T W E L V E }
{ M I N I N G }

Our home, District Twelve. Almost
all of us are underfed and weak.
It's incredibly rare for sponsors,
and we have had one victor in
over 100 years of the Games.
None of us really talk to eachother,
we're all trynna keep ourselves

{ D I S T R I C T- T H I R T E EN }
{ N U C L E A R- P O W E R }

**Salutations from Thirteen. We
are Careers. We don't get along
too well with the Capitol, in fact
in the early stage of the Dark Days,
we were bombed. Eventually, we
came back, and the Capitol let us
live. Under the condition that we
participate in the Games. Because
we take training so seriously, and
we have nuclear war, we've got
ourselves into the Career Pack,
although none of us are really so


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Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 9:37 pm

T H E _ T R E A T Y O F T R E A S O N
Should anyone disobey these rules, tribute or Gamekeeper,
they will be executed publicly with no questions to be asked.

Mary Sues will not be allowed to participate in the Games.
Powerplaying will not be tolerated. Do not control others' tributes.
If I, President Taylor, decide a death was unfair, I can call for a 'redo'.
Violence, violence, violence. We want it. Gore. Blood. Murder.
Romance. Oh, how we Capitol-citizens love it! Please, show us.
If your tribute is accepted, I will PM you a layout of the Arena.
Because I am sending you the layout, do not makeup the surroundings.
Remember that humans, like you puny tributes, can only go 4 days w/o
water, and a week w/o food.

T H E_ F O R M S
»should be detailed&organized«

T R I B U T E _ F O R M
» tributes only «
» *= optional «

Name (full):
Age (12-18):
District (1-13):

G A M E M A K E R _ F O R M
» gamemakers only «
» *= optional «

Name (full):
Age (20- 50):
District (1, 2, or Capitol):
Thoughts on Games*:

C A P I T O L _ F O R M
» capitol citizens only «
» *= optional «

Name (full):
Age (11-21):
Occupation (citizen, stylist for the games, etc):
Thoughts on Games*:


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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 9:44 pm

T H E _ P L A Y E R S

District One | |

District Two | |

District Three | |

District Four | |

District Five | |

District Six | |

District Seven | |

District Eight | |

District Nine | |

District Ten | |


District Eleven | |


District Twelve | |

District Thirteen | |


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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 9:46 pm

■ Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls. .
Let the 143th Hunger Games begin!

■ Begin submitting your tributes, gamekeepers,
and Capitol citizens.

■ Your first post, after being accepted, should
be your character being reaped/volunteered.
You know what to do from there.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

-President Taylor


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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by jess on Sun May 19, 2013 8:43 pm

((I shall be back with a complete form. Reserved~~~))

If every pork chop was perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs.

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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:46 pm

reserved for my form woohoo


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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by jess on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:45 pm

T R I B U T E _ F O R M
» tributes only «
» *= optional «

▇ Name (full): Kit Willows
▇ Age (12-18): 14
▇ District (1-13): 7
▇ Personality*: Kit has always been the shy type. She was forced to overcome that, however, due to her demanding father, who always wanted strong, fierce children. He built her into the fearless fighter she now is. Mostly a tomboy, she never got along with girls her own age, only guys. But she didn't care. She's always secretly feared the Capitol, as they were the reason her mother was beheaded --for trying to escape her district and find a better place to live for her family. Her mother always felt lost and trapped, always wondering...always knowing that there just had to be something out there. Somewhere else. In the whole wide world, not just one continent could be left, right? Kit always admired her mother, and wanted to find somewhere else just as much. Somewhere to escape. But how could she now? With her stubborn father wanting only perfect children, nothing less.
▇ Looks: Kit has stringy brown hair, in small pencil curls. She has olive skin, deep brown eyes, and a small mole just to the right of her mouth.
▇ Skills: She can easily climb trees. She's smaller than the average 14 year old, so she has an advantage in close combat. She can slip around the enemy faster than a hurricane, and surprise them from her hiding spots. She's very good at finding hiding spots.
▇ Weaknesses: Kit thinks very highly of herself, at the worst of times, sometimes thinking she can do more than she actually can. She gets that from her dad. She'll act without thinking, a lot.
▇ Token: ((What's this...?)) .-.
▇ Family/home-life: Strict dad, no mom, three siblings, and a mangy old dog her dad threatens to get rid of everyday. (Short description because I pretty much described it up in her personality.)

If every pork chop was perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs.

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Re: THE HUNGER GAMES (143th annual) a rp--now opened~!

Post by Sponsored content

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