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Whose side would you take?

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Whose side would you take? Empty Whose side would you take?

Post by jess on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:33 pm

Okay, I know it's probably annoying that I always post these random articles. But seriously, read this: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/ontario-police-aware-hateful-letter-telling-family-euthanize-171036930.html

At first, I was horrified that someone would take out all their annoyance, anger, and hatred like that. I mean, it is probably the nastiest note I've ever seen. Even worse that it's directed towards a loving grandmother with an autistic child on her hands. I've always felt really...I don't know. Pitiful? Caring? I'm not sure what the right word is, but I'm always careful to be extremely nice to the mentally impaired. I mean, I think it's really sad that they have to live like that their whole life...and how they'll have to live with getting laughed at, made fun of, and nasty looks or (in this case) letters. I think it's even worse that some of them actually know that people are laughing at them and that they're different and weird in an absurd way.
Of course, I don't have even half the patience to care for one myself, but I do wish that people would at least try and accept them. They're different? In all fairness, none of us are really normal. We all have different races, different religions, different personalities, different looks, and different IQs. Different backgrounds, different families, different friends, different interests, and much, much more differences. (Wow the word different looks weird, now that I've typed it about a hundred times.) You can't just say that they are different, and that gives you the right to treat them differently.

However...no matter how hateful the note is, this mean, crabby, anonymous person does have a point. I'm sure the wailing scares her children, and other children. When I was younger, I always felt a bit scared around mentally impaired people. Still do, if they're adults. I mean, you never know what they're going to do. I'm always nervous they'll grab me or hit me or scream at me. I know that's highly unlikely, but hey. We're all different.
Also? The way she words it, it seems like the kid just goes out on his own every day. Like somebody commented, special need people need special care.

So who's side would you take? The angry, heartless letter writer? Or the grandmother and the autistic? Why?

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Whose side would you take? Empty Re: Whose side would you take?

Post by Like.A.Boss on Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:44 am

I shalt taketh johnnees side, becuz that is who I tis beeth.

Whose side would you take? LFtBF Like.A.Boss and 8,943,000 others like this.
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Whose side would you take? Empty Re: Whose side would you take?

Post by ShadowStar on Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:08 am

I'd take the grandmother and the autistic kid.


Because of this wild belief(and bear with me) called equality. I know, barely anyone believes in dat crap.

The autistic kid didn't decide to be autistic, he couldn't do anything about it, let him live his life. He has a right to live just as much as the "pissed off mother" does. And, the autistic kid is NOT useless, he's just useless to the "pissed off mother's" standards, which are stupid and dumb and she needs to grow up.

The grandmother and the autistic kid should live there, and live where ever they want to. The mother has no right to tell the grandmother what to do with the kid. She's a brat.

Whose side would you take? 3stpvy
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Whose side would you take? Empty Re: Whose side would you take?

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