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which one~?

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:19 pm

Titans are back. Yes, titans. The terrifying monsters that stood taller than the highest of mountains, thousands and thousands of years ago. They have demolished everything. Except for one town. The second that the Titans made their comeback, the town raised walls higher than the tallest Titans in the world. However, each day, the Titans are getting closer to finally crashing those walls down, to destroying every human being in existence. You, just a mere teenager who is in this town, have been personally touched by a Titan. Maybe your best friend, your little sister, your brother, your mom . . they were destroyed by a Titan, and you had to watch. Or, maybe you just can't stand to see your Town in constant fear as you watch the Titans punch the walls behind the glass. What's a teenager like you going to do to stop Titans? Well. . that's up to you. **Based off an anime, Shingeki No somethingidkforgotthetitleomg**

Legend of Korra /Harry Potter
Welcome to Republic City Highschool. Here, we've got your regular students. Jocks, nerds, goths, skaters. . You say it, we got it. Oh! I almost forgot. The only thing different about us. . Our students and facility can control the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Of course, nobody truly knows this. Long ago, bending, the ability to control the elements, was banished. Only a select group of benders survived. This high school has been a sanctuary for all benders. All mortals only see a highschool with regular teenagers inside. Except for one group, and one man. . Amon and his Equalists. Now, long, long ago Amon and his Equalists made an attack on Benders. He was killed. Benders won. This is not the Amon, however, it's Amon the Second. What's so special about this threat? It's simple. He possesses the power to take away bending, through an act called BloodBending. His Equalists are Chi-Blockers, people who can take away your bending for a short period of time, paralyzing your body for a few minutes. Our sources tell us he plans to not only kill Benders, but nonbenders, as well.

Zombie Apocalypse.


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