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Post by Guest on Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:57 pm


Everyone gets to be

Supermodel gorgeous
What could be wrong with that?


Welcome to UglyVille. Once you turn 12, you get thrown into UglyVille, put into one of our dorms. Why 12? That's when you leave behind the adorable littlie stage and enter the world of bein' Ugly. .
Chapter 1: A spark to ignite.



- Follow all J4T and roleplaying rules.
- no power-playing or god-modeling.

- Role Play nicely, with correct grammar, at or don't Role Play all.
- Don't complain or whine if your character dies.
- Do your best.
- Please PM me all forms.
- Romance & gore is allowed.
- No attacking others for no reason.
- Please do not spam.
- If there is a problem, take it up with me through PM.
- Last, but certainly not least, have fun! =]


When you turn 12, just like the intro says, you enter UglyVille. You're put into one of four dorms. That's when you are an official ugly. What's wrong with you? Squinty eyes, too skinny or fat, warts, too tall, high forehead, or more? Either way, we've seen it all. Don't worry, though. You're not ugly for long. When you turn 16, you're taken to PrettyTown, and get the operation performed on you. The operation turns ya into a Pretty. Flawless skin, full lips, bright eyes, perfect hair, perfect height and weight. . You get to not only be pretty, but engage in amazing things. Parties every day, your own hovercar, a closet that'll get you anything you want. What could be wrong with that? . .  I'll tell you. Society these days has turned any slight imperfection, your unique qualities, into being called ugly. That ain't ugly. That's normal. All them pretties? They look the same, don't they? Those doctor's ain't just turning you "pretty". They turn you into a bottlehead. You ain't gonna remember your past. Y'all ain't gonna remember your old friends, the tricks you played, nuthin'. That's why we created the Smoke. A place where Uglies who dun' wanna turn Pretties can come. Skip the operation. Live freely 'till you pass. Nobody knows 'bout it, 'cept some Uglies. What will you choose? The perfect life-style, or the Smokey life-style?
[Note: before you make a "larger plot", please run it past me. Thanks.]

{{ looking to join? well, here's the }}

Do they want to turn Pretty?:
Ugly Nickname;


*If you're confused on some sections,
see the 'Character Information' on the next post



Officially opened! Enjoy c:

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Post by Guest on Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:07 pm

"You have entered UglyVille. Welcome."
Character Information;;

A couple of things to remember;;
- No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
- Remember that not everyone is against the act of turning Pretty. Most don't even know 'bout the Smoke.

Form Explained::

Name= Your last and first name
Age= 13-18 year olds
Gender= Male or Female
Description&Personality; What do you look like? Pictures are allowed. Personality doesn’t have to be long.
History [optional]; Your family, friends, were you poor or wealthy, blahblahblah.

Do they want to turn Pretty?: A lot of Uglies look forward to turning Pretty. Hardly anyone sees something wrong with being Ugly. How 'bout you?

Ugly nickname: Uglies are given an 'Ugly nickname'. If you're too skinny, people might call you Skinny. If you're fat, they might call you Fattie. What's the one thing that /really/ makes you 'Ugly'?

Pink Champagne Dictionary;;
Littlies: When you're born, you're like a Pretty already. You're adorable. Nobody thinks you're hideous.
Ugly: From age 12-15, you're a flat out Ugly. Walk around the streets and everyone will notice your imperfections.
Pretty: When you turn 16, you get the Operation. Congrats, you're now a pretty.
Middle Pretty: When you turn 27, you get another operation. It makes you seem more mature. This is when you get a job, and remain gorgeous.
Late Pretty/Crumblies: You're gorgeous. But you've got wrinkles, and you're old. You receive another operation that can allow you to live until the age of 210, maybe older, if you're lucky.
Bubbly: A word lots of Pretties use to describe things that are 'cool'.
Technology: This is in the future. We don't brush our teeth; we got toothbrush pills that you chew. No applying sunblock; you stick something like a bandaid on that slowly melts. Dried food is big. In your room, if you're at the dorm, one of your walls is a big screen. You can use a program to take a picture of your face, and mess around to make you look like a Pretty. You can watch movies. We also have hoverboards and hovercars. Hoverboards ain't hard to come by. Hovercars are for the Pretties


The Citizens;;




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Post by jess on Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:39 pm

(( Surprised I'm so gonna join this. Sorry I haven't been active lately. Busy. :/ ))

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