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{Elements RP}

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{Elements RP}

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:01 pm

First topic message reminder :

The Elements {RP}
(basically this RP is about people who can control the elements
while still living a 'normal' life)


-Only one 'power' per character
-Gore is allowed
-Romance is allowed. Nothing too major.
-You're in nature, so there are no Ipods or cellphones, or name brand clothes
-No powerplaying or perfect characters
-You may have as many characters as you wish
-Characters must be either 12-16
-Please use good grammar and correct spelling!


- Name (Nature-ish..):
- Gender:
- Age:
- Power:
- Description/Personality:
- Location of Home:


You were on vacation at the beach. Everything was perfect; a nice cool breeze, the gorgeous waves.. Nothing could ruin this day. But then, you feel as if you're entire body is on fire. Something felt.. strange. You run towards the water to cool down, but instead you are greeted by a swirling ball of air! You pick it up and throw it. When it touches the ground, it erupts like a giant volcano, turning into a big glob of light.. Wow.. A voice speaks in the back of your mind telling you these 'swirls' have powers.. And you're now a magical being. Out of nowhere, swirls of water, wind, dirt, light, and fire appear.. You go poke each and every one of them, each on explodes.. Except for one specific one that flies into your body..The voice tells you to dive into the ocean.. And you do. You're taken to a whole new world.. A magical world where people have powers..


*Sparkling Waterfall & Jungle-
The water constantly gushes down here, making it cool, with a plenty
source of water. The green, leafy plants here are plentiful, and the sky
always stays a pretty sky blue. Nestled in the trees, are fruits of all
sorts, also making it a yummy destination.

*Crystal Ocean-
The most gorgeous sea in all the land is located here. It's waters are
crystal clear, and you're lucky enough that you're able to take a dip in
there every day. Almost everything around you is blue, just like the

*Snowy Falls-
temperatures are always cold, but most that live there don't mind. No
plants can be found, but you live anyway. Located in the south, the
skies are always a dark, beautiful shade of blue with stars twinkling.

*Honeydew Beach- It's an island surrounded by water. The place you found your
magical powers. Mushy sand, beautiful plants, the temperature is always
just right. What could be better than here?

*Spring Meadows

Here, there's a gentle shower almost every day; accompanied by the
sweet scent of flowers blooming. No matter where you are, you're sure to
find any type of flower!

*Cherry Blossom Heights-t is very high up, giving it a nice refreshing
breeze. Not many dare to climb this mountain, but if you do, you'll
find the most beautiful cherry blossoms, and their pink flowers filled
with a delicious scent

[Types & Descriptions of the 'Powers)

(You can't change them, so choose carefully. Only one per person.

Note that they have more powers, such as simply controlling them

in general.)

*Fire Power- To help the fires start & help bring warm temperatures. Fire magicians are known as the bad guys; all of them having short tempers. Don't be fooled, though, they aren't the most powerful; but they are the deadliest. These magicians tend to be great with hand-to-hand combat.

*Light Power- To shed light on the growing plants & help the Sun spread light. Light magicians are quite strong. They can cast force fields;sometimes being able to shield themselves and friends from the most powerful magicians.

*Water Power- To keep the ocean waters crystal clear & create rainstorms. These magicians tend to be very common, however, very wise. They were the first magicians around, and thus, they have the most wisdom; many of them turning into wise magicians in their older years, people going to them to get advice.

*Wind/Air Power- To make sand dunes and bring refreshing breezes to the lands. These magicians are rather good with healing and medicines; able to heal the worst of scars. The strongest can even bring some people back from the dead. The wind/air power can be underestimated, however, they are sometimes known as the strongest.

*Earth Power-- To help the plants grow, and make everything pretty xD They come off as weak, but you don't want to get in a fight with them. Earth magicians are almost always very kind and thoughtful, however, they are known to past the most powerful spells; being great at magic, not the best at combat.

If you want your character to have a weapon, check these out and ask xD. Please note that these weapons don't actually use the blade/arrows. If you have a sword, and you are a fire magician, the blade will be made of fire. If you are a fire magician and you have a bow and arrow, the arrows will be made of fire.

*Bow and Arrow- These come enchanted by the Earth Magicians to never run out of arrows. Use them carefully.

With a long and slender blade, these are made by the Light Magicians. These can cause a lot of harm, use them wisely.

A deadly weapon, they are made by the Fire Magicians, forged in a volcano. Typically, fire magicians use them.

*Wands- Wands are typically used by Earth or Light Magicians. They are very thin, yet very strong. The wands choose their owners;; the owners do not choose the wand. Wands are known to be very rare, but quite powerful... if you know how to use one.

A staff normally used by the Earth Magicians for their spells, they were made by the Air Magicians.

um yeah. -cuts ribbon- xD If you have any questions ask :3

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Re: {Elements RP}

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:32 pm

"Light." Prim muttered, not looking at the two. She cleared her throat once again and pushed her hair out of her face. "Let's get started now..." Her voice trailed off as she stared directly at the sun- something she had always been able to do, which she now realized was probably because of her powers.
Rain was standing on a ball of rolled up air, zipping along quickly. She closed her eyes for a split second, and when she opened them, Rain was crashing into a group of people. Rain made a sharp turn around them at the last second and hopped off the airball. "Sorry." She snickered, examining the people. They all seemed like a bore--snobby, snobby, boring, stuck up, Rain thought as she laid eyes on each of them. She shook her head and hid her smirk. "What are you guys up to?" Rain questioned, running a hand through her bangs.


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Re: {Elements RP}

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:59 pm

"Water," Sky said fixing her bangs. "Sure.. doesn't that hurt? Looking directly at the sun?" she asked before Rain appeared. "We were about to practice our powers. Well.. They are.." she sighed.


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Re: {Elements RP}

Post by Sponsored content

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