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taylor's first day :3

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taylor's first day :3 Empty taylor's first day :3

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:23 pm

I saw Jess' thread about this topic; so i figured; why not? o: i started school like, 4 weeks ago. i was a little nervous because people kept telling me the teachers i got were really mean and strict.. i was also attending a new school (along with some people i know- including some of my best friends). i was scared everyone would already have their little 'groups' and cliques.. so um. i went to Homeroom- and I sat alone in the back of class. I didn't really mind- as I spent most of it just drawing/writing in my note book >:3 I have science with the same homeroom teacher- 1st period, and we got to do an experiment.. I ended up doing it by myself after like 10 minutes looking around for someone to be my partner.. xD. then i went to History. I turned out to meet a lot of new people there.. The fact we all love History was a good ice breaker ;P I met 2 girls and 1 boy (Katherine- I call her cat, Sky, and Liam); I guess you could say we're a "group". It's funny because we're all REAALLY different. Katherine/Kat is really out there and bubbly, Sky is kinda classified as the nerd of the class, I'm really shy and quiet, and then Liam is just... Liam xD. I was fortunately in 2 more classes with Kat, 1 with Sky, and 2 with Liam. I also met a lot of other people- but yeah. The worst part of my day was probably Gym when I was sweating up a storm when they made us run a mile on the first day-.- But, Katherine kept telling weird jokes- so I was laughing almost the whole time xD. As for the whole "Crushes" topic- yeah no. I don't have a crush; nor do I want one. OH OH OH! And my locker was jammed so I had to sit in the hallway for like 20 minutes waiting for the Custodian to come and unlock it or whatever.. It was quite entertaining, really. Almost 20 people left their lockers wide open and I was just sitting there like "That guy has an Iphone is his locker. I could easily steal it c:<" xD
Hopeyouenjoyedreadingaboutmyday,iknowitwasreallyinteresting,no?? ;D
*And the so-called mean teachers are actually turning out to be some of my favorites :3

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taylor's first day :3 Empty Re: taylor's first day :3

Post by jess on Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:42 pm

xD Wow. Congratulations. You had a MUCH better day than my first day. c': Your first day kind of reminds me of the way I started second semester last year. *sigh* I miss my second semester friends. We were all so different, yet so similar, and that's what made us becomes this big 'group'. Well anyways, I'm glad you had a nice first dayy~<3

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