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My second day at school .__.

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My second day at school .__. Empty My second day at school .__.

Post by jess on Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:22 pm

Okaay so, the school I go to is really different from regular schools, so if ya wanna know what type of school I have, just PM me but I really don't wanna take an hour to describe it all. xD
So basically my school took two weeks off from the first day of school and it started again yesterday. SO...I had to go through all that all over again. xD So here goes my second day of actually going to school:

First class - Yearbook / Visual Arts

So I went out to the back where we're supposed to wait for our teachers to come and get us. Well my stupid teacher never came outside, so I told my 'friend' we should just wait in the classroom. Well the boys over heard me and said they were thinking the same thing, so I walked with them to class while my 'friend' stayed out with the popular girls. (There are only four guys, and three lame people which includes me, the rest of that class is just popular girls *puts gun up to head*) So I sat down next to my 'friend' (who I don't really even like, it's just, there's basically no one else that is friendless soo..yeh xD) and suddenly this flood of popular girls come to our table. Then, the most popular girl, sat right next to me and started staring at me. I just said, "Uhm...sup?" Because she was totally creeping me out. Suddenly she opened her mouth to tell me something, and I actually thought she was going to be friendly and maybe invite me in their little prissy crew. Alright, before you get me wrong and tell me that being in the popular girl's crew is NOT a good thing, just keep in mind that where I'm at isn't really good either. Well I lost all that hope when she said, "Could you just scoochy scooch to a different table so my friend can sit there, sweetie????" And I looked at her like she was crazy and then said, "No, I was here first. Just tell her to pull a chair over." Then she sat up in her chair and pounded her fist on the table and said, "Move. Nooowwwww."
I rolled my eyes and said, "Fine, okay.." Then her face brightened and she was all, "Okay??" And I said, "Yeah.." She said, "Yeah??" So it was totally obvious she was trying to use their stupid girly girl flower puff 'powers' to make it seem like it was my idea. And I whispered an insult while I was moving and she heard me LOL. So basically the rest of that class was worthless, except I sat with the semi-popular girls who are friends with the Queens, but aren't as fake and worthless. And they're actually nice. They said my drawing was awesome, so at least I can get famous in class for my art. xD

Second Class - English Language Arts

After that crappy class, I got like a five minute 'break' outside and headed over to my favorite class, ELA. It's my favorite because there's only four kids, and I'm the only girl, so it gives me a time to hang out with people who are actually sane...guys. The new guys who just moved up into my grade, are soo cuteee because they're nervous next to us senior graders...me and the other guy from last year. (they combine classes with two grades) But I think I might actually make some good friends in that class (: So anyway, that class was cool, but even though it's an awesome class, it has a bad side too. The bad side is that I have time to spend all that class, dreading the next class.

Third Class - Narnia Adventure

It has a stupid purpose, and the only reason I take it is so that my mom can do her music classes at >MY< school. But whatever, she enjoys it so, yeah. :b So I got a really short break again and went to my Narnia class. Lemme just say that I think it's the dumbest class ever, but the teacher is super nice and loves me, so I'm good. xD The only bad part is, I only have one classmate, who is the MOST ugliest, perverted, and arrogant guy I have ever met. Worst of all? He has a crush on me. How do I know this? By the way he freakin acts and by the way he freakin TOLD ME. xD
So my regular teacher for this class wasn't there, so I needed a substitute. She was nice enough, but she got right to class and we had to read six chapters from the oh-so-special Narnia books. So it was easy to ignore Orion guy crap for the whole class, but after the class he came out to recess even though he doesn't have any other classes after Narnia. He just takes Narnia Adventure (hehe, nerd.) So I just stayed away from him as much as I could during recess. One, because I hate him, and two, because my MOM was one of the teachers watching over recess. So I just chilled out at this wall in the corner and listened to music on my phone, but Orion barf came OVER to me and said, "I suppose you're bored too?" And I was all, "Uhuh." And turned the volume up on my music, making sure he could see what I was doing. But he wouldn't take the hint! "I'm guessing that's an ipod in your pocket?" It was my phone, but I didn't wanna make conversation so I said, "Uhuh." "I'm guessing you're listening to skull candy?" I was all, "What?" "I'm guessing you're listening to skull candy?" "Uh. No." "Oh." Then he acted like he was 'all that' and walked 'casually' in front of me. I just moved farther away from him when I saw my mom WATCHING OUR EVERY MOVE. O_O THEN he actually put his arm like he wanted to slide it down around me, but I just put my volume up to 100% and walked away. Then I made eye contact with my mom and she was all smirking like she thought he was my boyfriend or something. SO basically now in my mom's world I have a boyfriend in one class who is the one person in the world that I'd like to bomb with a nuclear bomb. Yeah. So. Yeah...xD

There's nothing really exciting about art class, so I'll just leave it at that.

Later fella's

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My second day at school .__. Empty Re: My second day at school .__.

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:56 pm

i want to be in a narnia class. and i want recess. and i want art.
we dont have them anymore- since, as we get older their considered immature at our school xD
sounds like you had an... okay day then? xD good luck with your "third" day at school


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My second day at school .__. Empty Re: My second day at school .__.

Post by YUSoObsessedWidMe on Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:23 pm

The first and second day are always hard.

Haters gonna hate
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My second day at school .__. Empty Re: My second day at school .__.

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