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Post by Guest on Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:55 am

{t r a p p e d}
Listen to me closely, because this is the only time you'll get this little speech. It's the year 3012, but really, the year doesn't matter in a time like this. You're trapped here, in this town called Alberi. A disease has spread, wiping out anyone who's over the age of 18. The minute you turn 19, you drop dead. We don't know what this disease is, what the cause of it is, or if we can stop it. We also don't know if we're carrying the disease, and if we step out of this town, it'll spread, so we all decided to stay here;; in this town. You'll be assigned a group while you're here, along with a rank. You'll be given a pack with some supplies, but we can't spare much. We have kids of all ages here, we can't give everyone a lifetime supply. After this conversation, you're off on your own with your group. You'll have to find shelter on your own-- which shouldn't be too hard, plenty of trees and farms 'round here, find food, take care of the others, and try to survive. My advice? Take life as slowly as you can, don't want that 19th birthday to approach too soon, now, do we? See you later, newbie, maybe I'll be seeing you later.

Welcome to Alberi-

Now that you're here, you'll be expected to follow these rules. If you can't follow them, well, good luck to you.

1. No perfect characters.
2. Good grammar and spelling is expected.
3. Romance is allowed.
4. Gore is allowed.
5. Don't post if it's just going to be 1 sentence.
6. I have the rights to reject a form, or say you cannot roleplay on this RP anymore.
7. Questions from the newbie? PM me.

*Please note that I have the right to reject forms.



Farms- Here in Alberi, there's plenty of farms. We were known for our farming, actually. Most of 'em were owned by elders, who are long gone. A lot of them have been taken by groups, but there's a few you could grab. They all have 20 barrels of hay, which make good sleeping areas. If you're lucky, you might find some spare crops scattered about. Farms usually have great weather in the summer, but are freezing in the winter. Get cold out there? Not my problem.

Treehouses- In some yards, you'll find treehouses up in the trees. Not many groups live in them, since they're all pretty small. Most groups who have occupied 'em though have found sleeping bags, flashlights, and junkfood. However, when it rains or snows, you're dead meat.

Stores- Us kids usually raid lots of stores to survive. Almost all of 'em are already wiped out, but we're trying to make them last. You can usually find a few clothing articles, useless toys, and sometimes, if you get lucky, spare food.

*if you have any other ideas for places pm me xD*

I promised you'd be able to get a pack filled with supplies. Here they are.

Black Pack- This pack is filled with a loaf of bread, 2 small water bottles, a medium-sized piece of rope, a dropper, and one sleeping bag strapped to the top. The down side? It weighs a few pounds.

Purple Pack- This pack is filled with a loaf of bread, 2 cans of soup, 1 large water bottle, a small bottle of pills for headaches, and a rolled up blanket. It is quite light, however, it can't fit much.

Blue Pack- This pack is filled with 2 loaves of bread, a small carton of milk, a pocket knife, a piece of cloth, and a small wire. It doesn't have much in it, but remember, you'll be raiding stores.

If you don't feel like raiding a store, you'll need to hunt. There's plenty of deer, squirrel, and rabbit around here, so you're in luck. When the disease first spread, we all grabbed things from sheds and warehouses. Here's your choices.

Gun- Equipped with not many bullets, this isn't the best weapon, but it might be for you. You will be able to get more bullets from stores, however, you'll need to act quickly, as this is a popular weapon.

Bow and Arrow- Not used by many, this comes with a quiver full of 6 arrows. Most who use this aren't skilled with it, usually slipping up. Once you kill an animal with this, it's hard to get the arrow back. Arrows are hard to find in stores, too.

Daggers- You will receive 5 arrows and a belt to keep them in. These are not the best for hunting, more for combat.

Butchers Knife- These are also not the best for hunting, as you need to get close to your prey. They are quite heavy, and usually only used by boys who are strong and powerful.

Katana- This is a sword with a long blade. There are very few of these, and if you loose or break one, you are weaponless. They are not good for hunting, more for cutting and combat.

Axe- These are not usually used for hunting, however, they're excellent for cutting down trees. You'll need axes to cut down those trees in order to make fires and gather valuable space.

]So, now it's time for you to be assigned a group. Well, let's begin.

Group X
Group 13
Group Z
Group 00
Group N
Group 4F
Group J8


12/2/12: {t r a p p e d} is opened


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Post by Guest on Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:10 pm

[[ Amg so interesting. ;w; ]]

Name: Cecelia Bellefonte

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Cecelia is the kind of girl who doesn't let others protect her, she wants to be stronger, despite her heart condition. She's a person who speaks her mind no matter what kind of consequences there are for her actions. Sometimes her words may offend you, so if you feel offended tell her. Cecelia is very forgiving no matter what someone did to her she just has to forgive them. She's decently kind-hearted but try not to take her kindness for grated. Or she will be angry, and she has a BAD temper.

{t r a p p e d} What-Variety-of-Makeup-Works-for-Hazel-Eyes
[If you want the written form of her hair/face I'll type it out.]

She usually wears a a black jacket with a white shirt underneath it. She also wears black pants with her favorite black and white shoes. On her left wrist she has a moon bracelet and on her right wrist she has a star bracelet. On her hands her birth mark is the star and moon put together.

Group: Z [What's the difference between groups? owo]

Rank: [I don't mind any rank.]

Pack: Purple

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Other?: She has a heart condition so she can't over-work herself too much. But no one knows about her heart condition, she prefers to keep that to herself.


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Post by Guest on Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:20 pm

(danke :3
accepted c:
i'm not entirely done with the first post, by the way. i plan on writing a description of the groups and adding ranks-- i was a little busy last night hehehe.)

Name: Victoria Pruitt (She hates her name, and insists people call her either 'Vic' or 'Fang')
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Vic has always been an outsider. Nobody knows her name-- literally. If you went up to someone and asked someone who Victoria Pruitt was, they would all think you're crazy. 'Fang' is, in short, a quiet, dark, mysterious, person. She usually leans against a wall, almost.. blending in with the shadows, watching others talk. 'Fang' doesn't mind it, really. She knows she doesn't fit in with others;; and she's better off being a mystery-girl. "Fang' never shows her emotions--ever. For all you know, she might want to kill you, or maybe hug you-- you'll never know. When she talks, it is usually in short words, such as "yes." "no." or "ok." Nobody has ever heard her say more than one sentence-- in fact, most people haven't even heard her speak at all. Some people think of her as a crazy goth chick, but really, she's just a mysterious... socially awkward person.
Appearance: "Fang" has dark brown hair that falls down her back in loose waves. She doesn't do much to control it, just runs her fingers through it and flies. Her eyes are a bright blue-- they almost look fake. They are piercing and icy, and yet, no one notices them. She has a light spray of freckles across her olive-skin, and rather large and plump lips. Fang is usually known for her 'side smirk'. http://www.azcelebrities.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Anna-Popplewell-Wallpaper.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/09/Susanpevensie.jpg/240px-Susanpevensie.jpg *cries* (omg i've wanted to use this picture ksdfsdfsd. IT'S ANNA POPPLOEWELL GUISE IF YOU WANT A BETTER PICTURE GOOGLE HER AND BE AMAZED BC SHE'S SUCH A GOOD ACTRESSSSSSS. SHE WAS SUSAN IN THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA WHICH IS WHY SHE HAS A BOW AND ARROW-- BECAUSE SHE'S KINDA INSPIRED BY SUSAN LOLNOTREALLY)
Group: Z
Rank: -wait ranks coming soon-
Pack: Blue Pack
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Other?: --

-making another character soon-


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