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Why? Thoughts?

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Why? Thoughts? Empty Why? Thoughts?

Post by jess on Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:10 pm

Meh. This wouldn't fit anywhere else.

So, earlier I was really bored so I decided to Google why adults think teens are always hiding something. (Because like, sometimes when my parents go shopping and leave me home, I'll ask how long they'll be gone. They give me this smirk and ask, "why?" Like they think I'm going to invite a bunch of dudes over and pull out the crack. When really, I just wanted to know how much longer I'd have to wait before they brought back the Chinese food.)
Well....I didn't get exactly what I was looking for, but I found this article titled Arguments Parents Have (Never Won) With Their Teens.
Or something like that...anyway, I decided I'd read it just for laughs and probably laugh at memories of my arguments with my parents...when about half way through it, I realized that I never really had a big argument with my parents. Sure, small ones, about not being allowed to go to the movies with all my friends, not being allowed to go to the beach party all my friends would be at...(you know, just more ways to make me an outcast.)
But even those weren't real arguments.

Anyway, so by all means, Google the article and see if you've ever had those arguments and its just me who's the weird one.
But I've, from a very young age I'm talking like 9 or 10, set some really big self morals. and one of them was that I'd never tell my parents that I hated them. I saw the dumb teenage girl say that to her mom in a movie once...decided right then and there that I'd never say it. Because, what happens when the parent dies? All you remember is the bad stuff you said and thought, at least at first.
Maybe that's why I've always steered clear of any arguments. Or maybe its because I like to settle things other ways...?

I don't know, but to get to the real point here...why does everyone stereotype teenagers? Yeah, we screw up pretty bad sometimes. But we all slip up, and not just in our teens either.
We all curse at one time or another, we all make mistakes, and we all get confused by the world and want to fit in but at the same time...don't.
I hate that there are so many bad teenagers out there, and those are the ones we hear about most often. We hear about the group of drunk friends, driving a stolen semi, going on a thrift store crime spree. Not the teen who rescued a kidnapped girl on his bike. Or at least...we hear about the bad ones more.
But we hear about bad adults too.
What I don't get is...when I turned 13, I could feel the hate all around me. It was the strangest thing. Like the earth knew I was a screw up teenager, and everyone hates teenagers. I know a lot of friends that think the same way...they'd never say things to their parents, never do bad things...yet we still have to share the bad rap that teens get just because you only hear about the stupid ones?

How is that fair?

(Btw sorry that this is so badly written, I'm on my phone, and its so hard for me to concentrate what I'm saying when I'm typing on a flippin screen.)

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Why? Thoughts? Empty Re: Why? Thoughts?

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:49 pm

um because in the 21st century 80% of teenagers are total idiots. drugs, crappy rap music, and teenage pregnancy is really popular these days. you dont hear about the good stuff teens do because it's not really 'interesting' for the media. but a 16 year old getting knocked up? woooahhh, now you're talking a newsworthy story. things like 'oh a teenager beat up a kidnapper trying to take a little girl' isn't exactly interesting, so to speak. when the george zimmerman trial, the royal baby, and stuff is going on, who really wants to hear about how 'brave' a teenager was?


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